Monday, April 22, 2013

Staying Healthy With Yoga --By Tan Ryan

Everyone is aware that before they attempt to do any form of workout, they are required to do warm ups. These warms up usually involved basic stretching exercises. This is because stretching helps to loosen your muscles, fills them with oxygen and also prevent injuries from occurring. Let's not forget that stretching enables us to be more flexible even as we age.
So apart from just the normal warm ups, what other exercise incorporates stretching routines? The answer is none other than yoga. Yoga is a combination of deep breathing and various stretching techniques. It requires one to perform poses that can help to increase flexibility as well.
Through deep breathing and stretching, one will be able to experience a feeling of happiness and a more positive mood. The reason is because oxygen and blood flows throughout your entire body with every deep breath and stretch. When one feels good, they will tend to have a glow in them, making them look just as good. While performing the poses, you not only ensure that you remain flexible. You are also moving the synovial fluid around to prevent osteoarthritis. This is the fluid that protects our joint and provides them with their range of movements. Yoga aids in keeping this fluid in tip top condition to prevent the bones from rubbing together and wearing out.
Yoga also assists in making sure that our body's lymphatic system is performing up to standard. It is the fluid in our lymphatic system that get rids of harmful toxins such as bacteria and dead cells from our body. Without a good functional lymphatic system, health problems such as weight gain and cancer can arise. This lymphatic system depends solely on movement to assist in reaching the entire body. Hence, the best solution to perform stretching and deep breathing. In other words, yoga would be a wise choice.
In order to reap the benefits of yoga, you do not need to be a professional or master in it. In fact, you won't even need to perform the more strenuous poses if you are unable to. Yoga benefits everyone, even the pure beginners. Regular practices are more than enough to ensure that your body continues to run smoothly and healthily. Let's not forget that through yoga, one would also be able to relax the body and mind. This enables us to relieve stress that we experience from our daily lives.
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